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Your donation will be used to help military-oriented charities continue to accomplish their missions of helping Veterans and Veterans’ Families here in Arizona.

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The Corte Bella Vets’ Group defines “Veteran” as anyone living in Corte Bella (full or part-time) or an employee of the Homeowner’s Association who served honorably in our Nation’s Uniformed Services (any component) AND those who served honorably in any of the Uniformed Services of our Nation’s Allies. Our membership is open to ANY resident in Corte Bella who has a reason to support Veterans, Veteran’s families, or currently serving Service members and their families.

We count Veterans of World War II, the Korean War, the Cold War, Viet Nam, Desert Storm, Iraq, Afghanistan, Operation Enduring Freedom, and other exotic places in our ranks as well as members who were ready to deploy but were never called upon to do so. Veterans from Canada, Belgium and England are also members.

To learn more about the role of Corte Bella Vets, EVERYONE is welcome to join us on the FIRST Thursday of the month at 4:00 p.m. for informational meetings, volunteer opportunities and a social hour held in the social rooms at Anacapa.

The Corte Bella Vets mission is to foster camaraderie among Veterans of the United States and her Allies, to undertake charitable and other projects on a state and local level, to promote patriotism, and most importantly, to provide service to all Veterans and their families.

The Corte Bella Vets is a 501 (c) (3) public charity, Tax ID # 47-2784238. We have no operating expenses.
One hundred percent of the net proceeds raised at our events goes to designated charities.

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Corte Bella Vets Veterans Day Gala Nov. 11, 2022


Dr. John DenBoer introduces Strategic Memory and Alzheimer Rehabilitation Training (SMART)

Dr. John DenBoer introduces Strategic Memory and Alzheimer Rehabilitation Training (SMART) at December 2015 Meeting Debbie Lee introduced her organization, America’s Mighty Warriors, to honor those fallen heroes that have made the ultimate sacrifice. Her son Marc was...

John K. Potter

The Corte Bella Vets were honored to have one of Corte Bella’s residents as the principal speaker for the May meeting. John K. Potter, well-known author, and Air Force Veteran of the Korean War grew up in Muncie, Indiana (Middletown U.S.A.) and is a graduate of...

Roger K. Ferland

Disabled American Veterans' 2014 Oustanding Disabled American Veteran The Corte Bella Vets guest speaker for their March meeting was the 2014 Outstanding Disabled Veteran of the Year – Roger K Ferland. In 1968, Mr. Ferland was diverted from law school when he was...

Freedom Needs A Soldier

Over the years I’ve noticed a seismic shift in the American public’s attitude towards military veterans. After I finished my tour in Viet Nam in June 1967, I came home to a public that was indifferent or downright hostile to vets. After the terrorist attacks of...

Corte Bella Vets Welcome Sgt. Major (Retired) J. J. Jones – Buffalo Soldier

The September monthly meeting was held at the Anacapa Restaurant and the guest speaker was Sgt. Major (Retired) J. J. Jones, in full uniform of the Buffalo Soldier of the Indian War era. Sgt. Major Jones and his wife Diane founded the Buffalo Soldiers of the Indian...

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There a literally hundreds of charities around the country that support our military members and their families. There may be more organizations that meet these criteria, but the ones we have checked out and know they meet our criteria for supported charities.


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